Bioenergetics Character Test

Please answer all 30 questions with what resonates best with you.  Your answers are anonymous.

In the end you will be presented with our best guess at how much of each structural tendencies you have at the present moment.   This may change over time.  We use the original bioenergetics names (used by Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen) for the character structures:  Schizoid, Oral, Psychopath, Masochist, and Rigid.





Also, know that bioenergetics works with the whole person, including the body.   And so, this is not a complete and full analysis of you.  It is only an indication.

We will gather statistics anonymously for research purposes.  We have no way of tying your answers to you, so please note down your results when you get them.



Do you prefer to recharge alone when you feel low on energy?  Yes, I prefer to be alone, have some time for myself and recharge best that way.

This is about how you feel that you fit into society and groups in general.  I always feel like I am different and can learn to act appropriately within groups but do not in my heart feel like I am truly one of the members.

Are you more comfortable not making eye contact with people, say in a supermarket?  Yes, I am more comfortable looking away when other pass, without making eye-contact.

Do you easily perceive how people are feeling when you are in a group of people?  Yes, I can almost automatically pick up what is going on and how each person is feeling.

Do you normally breathe in an almost imperceptible way when you are resting?  Yes, my breathing is normally quite shallow.

Do you feel like you always have to ask to receive?  Yes.

Do you find that you sometimes experience bouts of depression and times periods inspiration?  Yes.

Do you ever feel like there is something lacking or missing in your life?  Ever get the sensation of a hole in your chest?  Yes.

How important and enjoyable is food and eating for you?  I love tasting new delicious foods and it brings me much joy to be able to eat.  It is one of the biggest pleasures in life.

Are you uncomfortable telling others directly what you want?  Yes, I would love it if they could just guess.  I try to say tell them in a round-about way.

Are you a strong person, one who does not let emotions dominate them?  Yes.

Is it rare for you to experience the emotion of sadness?  Yes, I almost never do.

Is your image, how others see you, important to you?  Yes.

How do you feel when someone betrays of uses you?

Do you ever feel like you loose control?  Yes.

Is it difficult for you to say "no" to someone?  Yes, I would often rather endure the task than have to disappoint the other.

Do you tend to worry about others?  Yes.

Do you find family relationships suffocating?  Yes.

Do you feel guilty when you do something for yourself?  Yes, I feel like should be working or doing things for others who need it.

Do you put on (fat) weight easily and easily stay over-weight?  Yes, it almost does not matter what I eat.  I struggle loosing weight.

Is it easier for you to feel sexual attraction towards a person you do not know well than towards a partner in a committed relationship?  Yes.  It does not mean that I love them.  But it is easier to feel physically attracted.

Do you feel that you are emotionally protected from being affected by how others act?  Yes, and when I do feel something I do not let others see it.

Are you competitive in the following sense... If your neighbour gets a new trendy gadget, or your friend a new fancy dress/haircut/handbag... do you feel like you want to get something even better?  Yes.  It immediately inspires me to get something better.

Do you find that you often compare yourself internally to others - who is the most intelligent/who is the best looking/who is most skilled at something etc?  Yes, I quickly assess the situation and become aware.  It does not even take much work to think about it.  It happens almost naturally.

Do you tend to experience any of the following (often in relationship to sex) - repeated urinary infections, yeast infections, fibroids in the uterus, cysts, prostate problems, impotence, premature ejaculation?  Yes.

Are you easily distracted, find yourself not in your body but randomly thinking about something else?  Yes, I often catch myself thinking of something other than what I am doing.

Do you feel like you can never really rely or depend on anyone?  Yes.

Do you feel, or have you ever felt, special for someone or some group of people?  Yes.

Do you feel you look for and satisfy your wants and wishes openly and directly?  Yes.

Do you find that your complaints are attended to? No, not at all.

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