Schizoid Character Structure

We are all mixtures of all of the structures.  But sometimes some of the structures are more powerful than others.  This is a description of the pure schizoid structure, but a pure schizoid structure is very unusual.  If this is your dominant structure, then you may recognise some of the characteristics, but probably not all, as they will be mixed with other character structures.

How the Schizoid Structure Is Formed

This structure can be formed from the time of conception until the baby becomes about 6 months old.  It is formed when the baby experiences rejection.  This generates a strong fear in the baby.  A baby is totally dependant on its caretakers, if they reject it, it has no chance of survival.  And so, this structure is strongly related to fear of death.

The way the baby deals with it is to create a defence mechanism.  It separates existence and needs and puts them in two mutually exclusive categories.  In order to survive it cannot show that it has any needs.  

It even reduces its breath and breathes in an almost imperceptible way.  Paralysed by fear, it reduces its blood flow to the extremities, and so the core and the head become the more charged areas of the body, though they are weakly charged.  The eyes are often wide open, as if in a state of fear.  It quickly learns to look to others for clues as to how it is safe to act, so that it may survive.

What Dynamics Can Occur In the Schizoid Structure

A schizoid structure will often lead to feelings of unworthiness.  The person will feel that she or he is not worthy of existence, has no right to be here.  It will make the person feel as if he or she does not fit in.  It will be difficult for the person to express their needs in any way, because deep down they will feel that they have no right to do that.

In order to live while not expressing ones needs the schizoid will learn to disassociate from the feelings and emotions.  This is somewhat different from repressing feelings.  They will just not feel them.  This can at times be a very useful coping strategy, however, when it becomes a lifestyle the person will tend to feel less and less over time.  And often, over time, this will lead to feeling a type of underlying sadness, for no apparent reason.

Ironically enough, the defence strategy of the schizoid actually deadens the body and the persons, while defending it from death.  This ironic detail is common to all defence structures.  They will tend to generate that which they are most trying to avoid.

The schizoid will often live more in their head, in fact, if you ask where they feel themselves to be in their body, often they will respond that it is in their head.  This can lead them to develop a great intellect.  But it can also imprison them in the mind and not allow them to feel.

How To Overcome Its Challenges

One of the deepest desires for the schizoid is to find deep meaningful, satisfying connection.  But at the same time it lives under a constant fear of rejection, and so connection becomes more difficult.

Physically one would work on grounding, making sure the person feels a connection to the ground, and can stand firmly.  One would also work on allowing the energy to flow through the whole body, enlivening it, allowing it to feel more.  Work on the tensions under the skull, in the neck and shoulders and in the hips will allow for greater energy flow to the extremities.  This is something bioenergetic therapists do.

Emotionally one can work on unifying the two extreme poles of “Survival” and “Needs”.  This will often involve allowing the person to feel that it is ok to express him or herself.  This too is done in therapy.  One of the ways to work on it alone is through affirmations.

Affirmations for the Schizoid Structure

It is safe to be in my body.

It is safe to express myself.

I fit in.

I belong.

How to Use the Affirmations

Say one of the affirmations and note how it feels in your body.  Most likely you will feel a contraction of a sort, indicating that this is not true.  The idea is to work with the affirmations until you feel that you have aligned yourself internally with them.  You will know that this has happened when say the affirmation and you feel a positive, open, expansive feeling in your body.

You can work the affirmations in a gradual manner.  If you feel that it is not safe to be in your body, you can start asking yourself:  “What might it feel like if I were to feel that it is safe to be in my body?”.  Then you focus on that feeling, expand it, get used to it, and practice it.

Targeted Bioenergetics Mediations

I have created three guided mediations 5, 10, and 20 minute long with binural theta beats specifically for the schizoid structure.  

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