Tools to Move into a Win-Win Dynamics

This is an extremely concise presentation of a net of widely spanning subjects.  Each part can and should be greatly expounded upon so that we have a common background understanding of the meaning of the words and concepts.

But for those already familiar with the concepts this may be a useful “headlines only” presentation.

Why Do We Want to Change?

Our species is presently getting closer to self extinction as well as leading the planet into another mass extinction of species.  We are able to do this because we no longer solely depend on evolution for development but are also able to use technology on a grand scale. 

An underlying reason that leads us to act in such a destructive manner is our identification as separate, limited egos, driven by fear and acting in a manner where we compete to get our needs met.   Competition, where someone or some win and others lose, can overall work in a positive manner within evolution, however as we step outside those bounds, our basic manner of interaction requires an adjustment.

At present we have externalised our competitive dynamics and built it into our systems that organise our societies and lives.  This may make us feel powerless and believe that change should come from some higher institution.  However any institutional change is likely to either become corrupted by other agents in the system or lead to a shift of the problem to slightly different area, which may actually lead to an even bigger problem.

Therefore, I propose we take Gandhi´s plight to heart and start with ourselves.  By shifting ourselves and perhaps creating groups that act in these win-win manners we can also eventually build alternative systems to opt-into while opting out of the win-lose ones.  We do not need to shift all of humanity to start seeing significant change.  Even just shifting ourselves we can obtain tremendous benefit.

What Are We Moving Away From?

We are moving away from all of the below:

– win-lose systems, 

– an ego-centered identity,

– a fear/anxiety-based living,

– a fixed mindset,

– a power hierarchy of organisation,

– judgement and appearance based communication,

– a life of and in struggle,

– system based on obligation and motivation,

– a philosophy of doing to become happy,

– a system where compliance and obedience are encouraged and of most benefit to those in charge.

What Are We Moving Towards?

We are moving towards all of the below:

– win-win systems, 

– an heart-centred identity as infinite being and potential,

– a love-based living,

– a growth mindset,

– an organisation through autonomy,

– a unifying and transcending communication,

– a celebratory lifestyle,

– a system based on inspiration,

– a philosophy of doing out of happiness,

– a system where freedom and creativity are encouraged and of benefit to all.

Quick Note on Shifting Away from the Ego

Subconsciously we may equate a call of shifting away from the Ego with one of sacrifice for, perhaps, the common good.   This is not the case.

We may believe that we have to compromise and give up something that we truly want.  Again, this is not the case.

A win-win dynamics means that all win, including you, as you shift away from the ego.  This is possible.

Download my humorous (?), picture-filled PDF explanation of the above here:

What Tools/Technologies Can We Apply to Make the Shift?

Here I have collected three tools that I have found useful in shifting away from a strictly ego-centred mode of being.

The "Make-Sense"-Game

This is a game that has three parts. One focuses on the mind, another on the heart, and the last one on our senses.  

By playing it we learn how to interact with others in ways that are unifying and creatively transcending, thus delivering a deep sense of satisfaction and connection.

Guided Meditation to Stay in Your Essence

I have created a 20 minute guided meditation as an initial tool to learn to be in your essence so that you may start identifying more as that than as an ego or any role the ego may play.  The more time you spend in pure being, the more likely you will be to identify as that and consequently act from it, as opposed to acting from the ego.

The meditations takes you through a physical relaxation and then invites you to move beyond all that appears in your awareness.  It also invites you to focus and expand, at the same time.

The mediation should be listened to through headphones, as it contains binaural beats that guide your brain into Theta waves (6 Hertz).

The guided mediation is 20 minutes long and there are five extra minutes with just relaxing music.  You can also download the meditation from here.

Listen to it every day for a few weeks, or as long as you find it useful.  This is an initial meditation.  

After you learn to quickly relax on your own you can just use the last 5 minutes of the meditation recording (where there is only music) to quickly trigger you to go into deep relaxation and from there continue on your own.

Blindfolded Jedi Training

Many may not yet be conceptually open to blindfolded training.   I cannot describe its scientific workings.  I can only speculate around them.  What I can say is that it has the potential of quickly and radically accomplishing positive change.

I am not an expert and can only convey what I have seen work.  Certainly, this can be developed further.


Find or create a blindfold that does not let any light through, not even a tiny little bit.   Put it on and listen to my guided mediation with headphones that is designed to balance your mind, put it into theta, and activate the central parts of the brain.   

Download the blindfolded mediation from here.

Or listen to it in the player below.

After the 15 minute mediation stops keep the mask on and start to look around, inside the mask where there is total darkness.  Use the intention to actually see what is around you. 

I hypothesise that by using this intention and not having any input through your eyes, even though they are open, your mind will attempt to solve the problem in another way.  Thus it will start looking for other ways in which to work.  This is a bit like exercising a muscle that has been dormant. 

Intending and expecting to “see” is important as it will put your mind into a mode of attempting to solve the problem.  Believing and insisting that it is impossible, thus just waiting and justifying the impossibility of it, will not.

Use your hands and try to look at them, as you move them around in front of you.  You will probably fairly quickly be able to get a sense of the movement of your arms.   Open them, move them further away, to the right, the left.

Take a piece of paper or something that has one particular, strong color.  At first know what color you have and try and expect to “see” it.  Then, take another color and try and expect to see it.  Try to notice the difference.  After a while you can start guessing what colours you have.  You can move them around your head, up, down, to the side, behind, above.

Oddly enough, when people start getting visual impressions these may appear to come from other parts of your head than your eyes.

Then, you can move onto shapes.  You can create cards with different shapes drawn on them – like for instance the traditional circle, square, cross, triangle, wave, and star.  Try to identify them.  You can try to separate them into piles according to shape, etc.

Do not take your blindfold off during your session.  Keep it on at all time.  You can start with sessions of 30-60 minutes.   Try to do a session a day.

As you start doing your sessions, pay attention to what happens to you.   It is common to start having more vivid dreams and then to have the mind/brain automatically start solving certain problems for you, especially body-related problems, such as health conditions. 

A key feature for our purpose is that over time it tends to bring about a more loving attitude and a greater openness.   It tends to move us away from strict ego-identification.

PS.  If you do try some of these tools, well then I would love to hear your feed-back on how they work for you.  I am available through the contact-page or send me a message on @BasiasThoughts on Instagram.