Learning Who You Are Makes All the Difference​

Learn who you are beyond all the roles you play and live from that space.

At this point in life this is the most concise I can make what seems to me most relevant.  I have, however, attempted to investigate this subject in differing manners and some of these explorations are alluded to on this website.

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Why Would We Want to Change Anything?

Here you will find a very concise presentation of why we may wish to change things in the world, what we may be interested in focusing on changing, and three tools to help us move into an all-win dynamics.

The "Make Sense"-Game

Would you like your interactions to be more meaningful and deeply satisfying, leaving you and the other person more inspired, with greater clarity and new insights?

Yeah, right, like that is possible… Or is it?  I decided to figure out a way of trying to make it happen.  The result is the “Make Sense”-game.   The more you play it, the more you learn to pay attention to what really matters and the more you open up to actually connecting with another person.

The game has three main parts, “Make Sense – Mind”, “Make Sense – Heart”, and “Make Sense – Senses”.  This is because as humans we have three modes of experiencing – thoughts, feelings/emotions, perceptions.  Learning to make each mode more meaningful brings about deep satisfaction.

If you play, please let me know your experiences here or @BasiasThoughts on Instagram, because that will allow me to continue improving it.

Learn to Speak Giraffe

Interested in connecting and finding common ground in an increasingly polarised world?

Take my latest Udemy course called “Learn to Speak Giraffe“.  There is a two minute intro video you can watch to see if this is something you might enjoy.

Bioenergetics Test

Do my free Bioenergetics Character Test to see your basic character structure.  My test is based on Alexander Lowen’s and Wilhelm Reich’s five basic character structures.  Each structure is formed as a defence mechanism that solidifies in the body.  By knowing what your basic structure is, you can easier free yourself from its grip and stop automatically repeating certain patterns in your life.  

The structure also influences your physical body and predisposes you to certain types of illnesses.

If you want to dive deeper into Bioenergetics and basically learn how and why you became the way you are visit my new course on Udemy.  It is essentially an instruction manual to you and to other humans.

Affinity Cards

Deepen your intimate relationship.

Use the “Affinity Cards” to get closer to your partner and connect heart to heart.

The “Affinity Cards” have been developed to help you explore dreams, gratitude, nostalgia, needs, and opening up, thus strengthening the bond that unites you.

You can pick the cards electronically online here.

You can also play them with friends or other family members.

Physics from Wholeness

Are you interested in looking at our world in a different way?  Then this page may have something for you.  It is a place where I am starting to gather some snippets of materials that I have produced that are all related to what I call the Wholeness Preserving Movement.

This is the idea of basing physics on something more real than the unprovable materialistic assumption.  We start with only one supposition, which is based on our existence, and we look at the consequences of it.  This can be done mathematically, and thus have the advantage of yielding logical consequences of our assumption.

Guided Meditations

Here you will find some of my guided mediations.

Picture from Joshua Woroniecki at Unsplash.