Hi, I’m Basia.

I invite you to investigate your inner essence.

Identifying with our inner essence by spending some time being You, automatically starts shifting your perspective and liberating you from a more ego-centric life of struggle.

This is essentially what this site is about.

And if you are curious about me, then at the bottom you can learn more about me personally and even see where I live.


What You'll Find Here

On this site you will find some information based on Bioenergetics about how your character was built, so that you may let go of that identification.  You can do my online character test and then read about the basic character structures that make up your character. 

To learn to move into a win-win dynamics of communication, where your interactions become more meaningful and deeply satisfying you will find my “Make Sense”-game.  Find another person, or a group of friends and play it to see what it does for your ability to create more profound connections.

If you would like to take an alternative look at how we could describe our universe, which in the end is who you are, then you may wish to look at the ideas on the Wholeness Preserving Movement.

Get to Know Me

I am perhaps in many ways the opposite of what society would find interesting.  I never developed a taste for alcohol, coffee, loud music, or shopping.  I am an introverted person who enjoys living somewhere out in the woods. 

I have, however, developed a taste for teas, chocolate, and Aha-experiences (no, not the band, though I do like their music as it magically pulls me back into the 80’s).  I enjoy finding out how contexts are connected and how they fit together, on a bigger scale. 

Biographically, I was born in Poland, raised in Sweden, and have since lived in five other countries.  Over the years I have professionally played roles as diverse as that of a clown, physicist, dance teacher, language teacher, lecturer, writer, Affinity Card manufacturer, and lately mostly a Journey in Consciousness guide (similar to hypnotherapy).