Guided Meditations

Enjoy some of my guided meditations.  Listen to them online or download them as mp3-files.

"What if" - mediation

This is a 15 minute guided mediation in part based on “Basia’s Thoughts” podcast episode number 30 “Letting go to find your wisest you”, which you can find here:

It also contains binaural beats of Theta frequency, 6 Hz.


Bodily relaxation, letting go, practice feeling open and beautiful feelings.


The meditation starts with a few minutes of guided bodily relaxation and letting go.

It then contains one minute of silent meditation.

The final section invites you to feel what it would feel like to feel free, loved, deep meaning, satisfaction, etc.  

The meditation ends by looking forward to recognising these feelings in your ordinary life.

Listen to it here:

Blindfolded Jedi Training

This is a 15 minute guided meditation for the first part of a blindfolded training. It contains binaural theta beats, so it should be listened to with headphones.


Prepare the mind for a 60 min blindfolded training session.


After the 15 minute mediation stops keep the mask on and start to look around, inside the mask where there is total darkness.  Use the intention to actually see what is around you. 

I hypothesise that by using this intention and not having any input through your eyes, even though they are open, your mind will attempt to solve the problem in another way.  Thus it will start looking for other ways in which to work.  This is a bit like exercising a muscle that has been dormant. 

Intending and expecting to “see” is important as it will put your mind into a mode of attempting to solve the problem.  Believing and insisting that it is impossible, thus just waiting and justifying the impossibility of it, will not.

Use your hands and try to look at them, as you move them around in front of you.  You will probably fairly quickly be able to get a sense of the movement of your arms.   Open them, move them further away, to the right, the left.

Take a piece of paper or something that has one particular, strong color.  At first know what color you have and try and expect to “see” it.  Then, take another color and try and expect to see it.  Try to notice the difference.  After a while you can start guessing what colours you have.  You can move them around your head, up, down, to the side, behind, above.

Oddly enough, when people start getting visual impressions these may appear to come from other parts of your head than your eyes.

Then, you can move onto shapes.  You can create cards with different shapes drawn on them – like for instance the traditional circle, square, cross, triangle, wave, and star.  Try to identify them.  You can try to separate them into piles according to shape, etc.

Do not take your blindfold off during your session.  Keep it on at all time.  You can start with sessions of 30-60 minutes.   Try to do a session a day.

As you start doing your sessions, pay attention to what happens to you.   It is common to start having more vivid dreams and then to have the mind/brain automatically start solving certain problems for you, especially body-related problems, such as health conditions. 

A key feature for our purpose is that over time it tends to bring about a more loving attitude and a greater openness.   It tends to move us away from strict ego-identification.

Listen to it here

Being You Mediation

A 20 min guided mediation to help you stay in your essence. It contains theta binaural beats (6Hz) and should be listened to with headphones.


I have created this 20 minute guided meditation as an initial tool to learn to be in your essence so that you may start identifying more as that than as an ego or any role the ego may play.  The more time you spend in pure being, the more likely you will be to identify as that and consequently act from it, as opposed to acting from the ego.


The meditations takes you through a physical relaxation and then invites you to move beyond all that appears in your awareness.  It also invites you to focus and expand, at the same time.

The last 5 minutes (after 20 min of guided meditation) are only music with binaural beats.  You may use this as a trigger, as you get more advanced and no longer need the longer guided meditation.

Listen to it here

Hypnotic Meditation for Soon to Be Giraffes

A 16 min guided meditation containing theta (6Hz) binural beats and is therefore best listened to through headphones.


Make it easier for your mind to naturally see beauty, connect empathetically, and abstain from judgement.


This recording brings you into a deep state of relaxation, where you allow yourself to connect with the wisest and most loving version of yourself.

It is a helpful tool to have for a jackal mind learning “Non-violent Communication”, or “the language of the giraffe”.

Listen to it here

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