Psychopath Character Structure

We are all mixtures of all of the structures.  But sometimes some of the structures are more powerful than others.  This is a description of the pure psychopath structure, but a pure psychopath structure is very unusual.  If this is your dominant structure, then you may recognise some of the characteristics, but probably not all, as they will be mixed with other character structures.

How the Psychopath Structure Is Formed

This structure is usually formed from 8 months to 3 years of age.  It is formed when the child experiences that it has been used and feels betrayal.  This generates a strong defence strategy where the person is resolved on never being used again.

The defence mechanism separates independence and closeness and puts them in two mutually exclusive categories.  Being close to someone you can get hurt, used, and betrayed.  Therefore you cannot depend on anyone and need to be responsible for your own life.  There is a fear of loosing control.

The energy stays in the head, which serves as the organising center of control.  The inflated chest serves as a protective barrier against emotions that might overcome the person and make them loose control.  It also protects us from feeling panic and the sensation of being trapped.   They will tend to inhale more than they exhale.  The hips will usually be rather slender and the legs as well.  With less energy in the legs the feet may have a tendency to get cold.  The head will tend to be held high.  The eyes will often display a stable presence of a decisive person inside looking out at the world.  This can be contrasted to the avoiding and fearful eyes of the pure schizoid person.

What Dynamics Can Occur In the Psychopath Structure

The psychopath structure is set up as a defence not to show or feel vulnerability.  The positive side is a dynamic leader structure, where the analytical skills and the ability to repress emotions makes for good decision making.  It is natural for a psychopath structure to take charge, decide, and manage others.  They thrive when they are in control.  They feel good when they achieve something.

However, they have a very difficult time really releasing control, letting go, and surrendering.  It may be difficult to fall asleep, often a person will have little jerk reactions while falling asleep.  It may be difficult to surrender to emotions, instead the person will tend to stay in the head and try to make decisions as to what to do.

The psychopath lives mostly in their head, thinking, analysing.  Developing a good intellect may become a double edged sword.   It may work so well that the person may persuade themselves that this is the only way of living and get stuck in their head, in a perpetual steam of thoughts.  They will tend to repress emotions that may be hurtful.  This requires some energy and internal struggle and will eventually be felt in the body in reflected in the relationships the person creates.

To open up emotionally and let another person in, into an intimate relationship, the psychopath will want to make the other person dependant on them, only then will they feel free to open partially.  They will often do things for them, in part (unconsciously) to make themselves feel like they are needed and the other depends on them.

How To Overcome Its Challenges

The main work will be related to releasing, letting go, surrendering, but also grounding.  Exercises that allow the person to experience surrender will loosen their tight grip on control, and free the person up.

Physically one would work on grounding, allowing for healthy discharge and improving internal stability.  One would also work on allowing the energy to flow downwards through the body, through the hips, all the way into the ground.  Work would be done on allowing the chest area to surrender, move freely.

Emotionally one can work on unifying the two extreme poles of “Independence” and “Closeness”.   This too is done in therapy.  One of the ways to work on it alone is through affirmations.

Affirmations for the Psychopath Structure

I am loved and enough just the way I am.

It is safe to surrender.

It is liberating to surrender.

How to Use the Affirmations

Say one of the affirmations and note how it feels in your body.  Most likely you will feel a contraction of a sort, indicating that this is not true.  The idea is to work with the affirmations until you feel that you have aligned yourself internally with them.  You will know that this has happened when say the affirmation and you feel a positive, open, expansive feeling in your body.

You can work the affirmations in a gradual manner.  If you feel that it is not safe to surrender, you can start asking yourself:  “What might it feel like if I were to feel that it is safe to surrender?”.  Then you focus on that feeling, expand it, get used to it, and practice it.

Targeted Bioenergetics Mediations

I have created three guided mediations 5, 10, and 20 minute long with binural theta beats specifically for the psychopath structure.  

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