Wholeness Preserving Movement

Are you interested in trying out a different view of reality?

On this page you will find different snippets regarding something I ultimately call the “Wholeness Preserving Movement”.  Hopefully, they will be able to assist you in diving into a very different picture of how our world just might work…


Physics Beyond Materialism - The Next Logical Step

Here is a link to an article that explains one of the basic problems we encounter in physics.  It has to do with the foundation of it.  For a long time we have reduced physics to materialism.  This is an unfortunate assumption because it assumes things we cannot prove and thereby imposes limitations on what we can do with physics.

Read the abstract of “Evidence Based Physics Beyond Materialism” and if you have access to a University or Research Library you can just download it.

PS.  Sometimes it is possible to read this for free. You can go to the awesome and world changing Sci-hub.se, paste in the DOI number:  10.4006/0836-1398-29.4.508 and access the article by pressing Enter.

To learn more about how experimental science is now showing us that perhaps there might not be an objective material reality out there you can listen to podcast episode 4 of Basia´s Thoughts  “Quantum Experiments Indicating Lack of Objective World”:

What Actually Is?

Since the advent of the quantum theory there have been attempts to divorce ontology, talking about what is, from physics.  Indeed, Niels Bohr recognised an underlaying wholeness but insisted that it was un-analysable.  Therefore, the Copenhagen interpretation of the quantum theory then became reduced a set of rules to be applied to get useful results and refused to talk about what actually exists.

Another suggestion is not to abandon ontology, but actually use it!  It swiftly brings us the underlying principle of how the world works.  Summarising it very briefly:

Real Being can only be provided by the ultimate infinite and its uniqueness provides a holographic type of order, which is the basis for the description of real dynamics.

Here is a more poetic rendering of the explanation:

If you enjoyed that rendering.  Here is the continuation in the same series… It goes more in detail into the movement.  Where does it come from? What is its nature? What makes appearance of the world possible? Why do we ever experience the now? Why is there a direction in time, towards expansion?

And you can listen to a somewhat longer explanation of this in Episode 14 of Basia´s Thoughts – “The Appearance of Multiplicity”:

To read a fuller description of the Ontology, and really convince yourself of what is hinted at in the video and the podcast, do read the chapter on philosophy in “Physics from Wholeness – A Dynamical Totality as a Conceptual Foundation for Physical Theories”, which you can download free of charge from the University of Uppsala, or just read the abstract.

Less Scientific - A More Human and Spiritual Approach

Because we are going beyond the limitations of materialism we also involve our mind and personal experiences, as well as spiritual insights.

How do we understand that reality is not the apparently objective that we can touch?  How can we feel it?  Know it?  Use it?  Here are two podcast episodes that weave this notion into our daily experiences.  We have episode 3 of Basia´s Thoughts –  “What is Real?”


And we have episode 5 of Basia´s Thoughts “Moving Towards Reality We Move Away from Suffering”


More Spiritual, Please

If you are looking for a spiritual approach, then you are in luck.  Sages have had these insights for millennia.  Here is a book of 50+ existential questions and their answers in the form of illustrated metaphors, all based on Advaita Vedanta (Non-duality):  “Non-Duality Illustrated – Metaphors to Unlock the Bridge to the Formess“.

You can find a printed version at Lulu .  And you can also find an electronic version on Kindle.

And if you are looking for a single process that can help you see the deepest of the insights that are conveyed in the wisest of teachings… then here is a video I made describing this millennial insight.  The video puts it into the context of my practical search for my soul.

Give Me the Math!

If you are interested in it all… wanting to know how and where we find wholeness in current physics, what has been proposed to move beyond it and how a Wholeness Preserving Movement can be motivated and then mathematically described, in detail, then certainly check out the thesis “Physics from Wholeness – A Dynamical Totality as a Conceptual Foundation for Physical Theories”, which you can download free of charge from the University of Uppsala, or just read the abstract.

In the thesis you will find that just by supposing the existence of a Wholeness Preserving Movement we automatically arrive at a particular structure, called left-distributivity.  Mathematically, in our case, it is actually a direct consequence of the holographic type of order (elementarity).

The thesis also shows that what automatically arises is just like “special braids” and it talks about how we find braids and knots in physics today.  Special braids are special because they have one fundamental symmetry – left-distributivity – and it can be seen as:

Nerd Trivia: The cover of the thesis actually contains a 3D depiction of the underlaying order – left-distributivity.  On the outside it looks like a bunch of random dice (referring to Einstein´s famous exclamation in response to the quantum theory, that “God does not play dice”), but as you look past it you find the underlaying order.  Or do you?  Take a look.  It takes a bit of practice to learn to defocus from the obvious.  Here is a better resolution of the cover picture:

And if you are into nerdy mugs, here is one I made that explains the underlying dynamics, the “Being Mug”:  https://www.zazzle.se/store/basia_piechocinska.

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